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Hooray for National Breastfeeding Month!

Well, it seems that I am a day late here as National Breastfeeding Month was officially in August.  Though it is now September, I still wanted to share this.  All month long I kept seeing beautiful posts, photographs and articles on this topic.  Even still, it took me the full month to get the guts to post just one photograph, which makes me kind of sad. I [...]

The (car!) birth story of our beautiful baby girl!

Okay, people, this is a long and detailed birth story... if you prefer the shorter/ less graphic version, here is exactly how Wesley (my 4 year old) tells it to strangers....quite often: "Dadda was in the driver seat.  Momma was in the passenger seat.  Simone said, 'I want to come out now'... AND SHE DID!!!"        For many months, I made time each day to [...]

Benji's Birth! Birth Photography: Valley Birthplace

I'm sorry.  I've been a slacking blogger recently.  That said, I've been anxious to share these photographs from a magical morning that I spent with a beautiful and inspiring family at Valley Birthplace. This is the second birth that I have had the great privilege to witness and photograph and I can't imagine it ever being anything less than thrilling.  Whe[...]

My first (amazing) experience as a birth photographer!

At some point after becoming pregnant and giving birth to my little guy, just over 1 1/2 years ago, I have, admittedly, become a bit obsessed with the miracle of life.  I, very fortunately, had a wonderful birth experience for which I am extremely thankful for.  Please don't get me wrong, it was more challenging, both physically and emotionally, than I had e[...]