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Halloween Wedding: Mendenhall Inn

If you know me well, you know that I absolutely love Halloween!!  That said, I, of course, was over the moon when I was asked to photograph Danielle & Ian's Halloween themed wedding!  It was a perfect blend of elegant romance and spooky Halloween fabulousness. Ian & Danielle are a loving, fun, goofy and laid back couple.  Danielle has the most bea[...]

Dinos at the wedding!

When the groom asked me if I would photograph him and the groomsmen running from dinosaurs I thought, "why not!  something different is always fun!".  I had no idea that it would score me a ton of super cool momma points.  My 5 year old is super impressed and definitely thinks that my job is the coolest ever.  Go me.  ;)  

Wedding: Cairnwood Museum & Philmont Country Club

How lucky am I to get to photograph yet another amazing wedding!?!  I have been eagerly anticipating Jacklyn & Michael's wedding day, especially since seeing them at Jackie's sister's wedding back in May!  If you need a re-cap, here is the post from Brittney (Jackie's sister) & Dan's wedding day:[...]

Wedding: Pen Ryn Estate

Dan & Brittney were married just a couple of weeks ago at the Pen Ryn Estate on the Delaware.  It was both beautiful & so much fun, just as I knew it would be.  :) I first met Brittney when she was, well, probably still in diapers!  She was the then youngest sibling of my childhood best friend, Lindsey.  We all lived on the same adventurous block in[...]

Engagement: Fairmount

Ahhhh.... so to say that I am a little bit behind on updating my blog is a huge understatement.  Life sure does get busy.  I hope to update here a bit more frequently going forward. So, yes, it is now spring time and these photos sure do have the look of last fall to them (:0), but I am still very excited to share them with you.  These are the engagement [...]