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Wedding: Anthony Wayne House

Quinn & Steve-O's wedding was the ideal fall wedding!  It was just chilly enough to truly feel like fall and the foliage and clouds were simply gorgeous.  Not only was it a beautiful day but the wedding was held at the lovely Anthony Wayne House in historic Waynesborough, PA.  The wedding day featured yard games, blankets, spiced apple cider and even a b[...]

Family Portraits in Old City Philadelphia

As a gift, the mom of this family, Julie, surprised her family with a Gift Certificate for family portraits.  I was so happy that she chose me to do them!  Even better was that I got to spend the afternoon in the city... a place that I love and haven't spent much time in since moving to the burbs and becoming a mom! Julie, her husband, Doug, and their two d[...]

4th birthday portraits!

A referral from Indianapolis is how I got in touch with this wonderful family.  A couple of years back I had worked at a portrait studio, Celebrity Kids.  While working there I had the pleasure to meet and work with Jonathan Hawkins, a very talented Indianapolis photographer.  Jonathan now owns his own photography business.  His work is really wonderful as i[...]

Baby boy portraits

A couple of years ago, I was asked to photograph a wedding.  Both fortunately & unfortunately, a huge opportunity to go to Australia with Hope Afloat sent me in a different direction that day.  Two fantastic friends and photographers (Dani DiAngelo & Faith Andrews) of mine ended up photographing the beautiful wedding instead.  Through the photographs[...]

two brothers and a baby sister!

I couldn't help but think of my sister and brother in law when photographing this family.  2 adorable boys and a baby girl.   Ethan, Dylan & Isabelle (Bella). I have 2 nephews and am expecting a niece this april!  (yay!)  Though my oldest nephew will only be 3 in may and Ethan, the oldest here, 5, the similarities were still there.  It continues to am[...]