Dan & Brittney were married just a couple of weeks ago at the Pen Ryn Estate on the Delaware.  It was both beautiful & so much fun, just as I knew it would be.  :)

I first met Brittney when she was, well, probably still in diapers!  She was the then youngest sibling of my childhood best friend, Lindsey.  We all lived on the same adventurous block in NE Philly where we spent our days playing games like freedom and kickball, riding bikes and simply taking in the cast of characters that lived on our block.  Trust me, there were many.  From cross-dressers and drug dealers to pet boa constrictors and gum chewing dogs, there truly was never a dull day on that block.

Brittney was an absolutely adorable little girl (no surprise there!) and was often cast into the role of being our baby when we played house.  Haha!  You can only imagine how excited I was when she contacted me about photographing her wedding day.  After meeting with her and Dan, I knew it was going to be a fun day.  They have an amazing energy together.  They are both fun, easy going and have a great sense of humor.  They were so relaxed with planning the details of their day and it all paid off as everyone there had a great time.  The dance floor never quit and it was one of those weddings were you could just feel so much love and good energy the entire day.

Dan & Britt, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your magical day.  It was such an honor and I am extremely happy for you both!

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Shout out to the Fogarty clan! Little has changed after all these years…. :)



Final shout out to Jackie (Brittney’s sister) and Mike who will be getting married in the fall! I can’t wait!