Ahhhh…. so to say that I am a little bit behind on updating my blog is a huge understatement.  Life sure does get busy.  I hope to update here a bit more frequently going forward.

So, yes, it is now spring time and these photos sure do have the look of last fall to them (:0), but I am still very excited to share them with you.  These are the engagement pictures of the fabulous duo, Brittney & Dan.  While I prepare the photographs for their wedding day post, I wanted to share these first!  We spent that beautiful fall day wandering around their current (and one of my old beloved neighborhoods), Fairmount.  I hope you enjoy these!  Wedding photographs coming soon!!!!!!!  :)
Fairmount Engagement021 Fairmount Engagement020 Fairmount Engagement019 Fairmount Engagement018 Fairmount Engagement017 Fairmount Engagement016 Fairmount Engagement015 Fairmount Engagement014 Fairmount Engagement013 Fairmount Engagement012 Fairmount Engagement011 Fairmount Engagement010 Fairmount Engagement009 Fairmount Engagement008 Fairmount Engagement007 Fairmount Engagement006 Fairmount Engagement005 Fairmount Engagement004 Fairmount Engagement003 Fairmount Engagement002 Fairmount Engagement001