I met Robin & Rob at Kevin & Lauren’s amazing wedding last summer (check out that blog here: http://melissahassey.com/2011/08/lauren-kevins-wedding-at-the-mallard-island-yacht-club/).  When they contacted me to photograph their wedding, I was thrilled!  That is until about month or so later when I learned that I was pregnant and due just one day after their wedding date.  I was SO bummed (about the wedding, not the baby!) but realized that I would have to tell them right away.  I wanted to give them plenty of time to find someone that wouldn’t be possibly going into labor during their vows!

Anyway, Robin & Rob took the news amazingly well!  I knew that they were disappointed and that my personal life had certainly caused a snag in their wedding plans.  Though I would have understood them being angry, they instead were extremely gracious, understanding and excited for me.  As a gift to them for their troubles, I offered them a complimentary engagement session.  They chose Asbury Park, which I had never been to.  I was really excited and the location did not disappoint!  I would gladly go back there again in the future.

The two of them are absolutely adorable together as you will see.  They are also very easy going and fun!  I know that their wedding is going to be fantastic!  I am bummed to be missing it….

Thanks for all the laughs yesterday (and the grilled cheese!), Rob & Robin!  All the best to you both with your wedding and marriage!

And, yes, I took some liberties crossing out certain words in the mural below, but I like the effect…  😉