Recently I noticed that our rosebush was being eaten away.  Each day more and more leaves were disappearing.  They still are….   I started to investigate, hoping to not find aphids.  Last year, we had a bush overcome with those pests which led to us putting the poor plant out of its misery.  This time, I am determined to remedy the situation early.

Looking under the leaves I found these two caterpillars?/ cabbage loopers?  Does anyone know exactly what these are?  Like any good photographer, I took them into my home “studio”, photographed them with my macro lens and then tossed them gently into the empty lot behind our house.  If you know me well, I can’t even crush an ant or swat a fly.  I tend to capture bugs and take them outside.  Catholic guilt, I guess…   One exception… I don’t like bugs that hide when the lights come on!

Anyway, do you know what these little guys are?  They are cute but seem to be doing so much damage!  My plan right now is to continue to check the plant and pick these guys out, spray the bush with a strong hose on full blast under the leaves to release any eggs and maybe try some garlic spray.  Any other natural recommendations welcome!

caterpillars eating rose bush


caterpillar with red head

They didn’t move much, but one did do this…..  and, yes, it’s what you think:pooping caterpillar