Monthly archives:April 2011

Philadelphia Museum of Art Communion Portraits!

This week I met up with an absolutely adorable and fun family behind The Philadelphia Museum of Art for some Communion portraits.  Audrey, the Communion, girl did a spectacular job!  She was simply a natural in front of the camera.  Her parents were very laid back and open minded to all sorts of fun ideas.  Lucky for Audrey, they even let her eat ice-cream i[...]

Harry The "H"

Today marks the day that my dad would have turned 60. It also marks 4 weeks since his sudden passing. I'm not sure where to start but I wanted to write something that is a tribute to him. **  UPDATE:  MY MOM INFORMED ME THAT MY DAD DID NOT LIVE "UNDER THE EL".  INSTEAD, HE LIVED IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE PANTRY PRIDE ** Shew! glad I cleared that u[...]

Beautiful White Rose....

This beautiful newborn baby girl's name is Laksha, which means "white rose".  Isn't that lovely?  She was amazingly content throughout the entire portrait session.  She didn't even make a peep while we fussed her around under a tree and in the sun.  Also, at only a few weeks old Laksha was already confidently holding her head high.  A strong little girl alre[...]

Events by Sarah Elizabeth Blog Post!

I was super excited to see some Engagement photographs that I took of the super flexible and fun, Christy & Nick.  Sarah's blog is fantastic!!  She runs an event planning business.  The blog is a fun read if you are planning a wedding, want to one day get married, are already married, love going to weddings, or just like pretty things...  Seriously, chec[...]

Communion Portraits!

I had SUCH a lovely time photographing Elizabeth (aka "Lizzie") for her Communion Portraits this week.  She and her family were all so sweet and easy going!  I learned that she loves Dinosaurs, bows in her hair, and her adorable little doggie.  :)  Though Lizzie was recovering from a bit of a cold, she was very happy and more than willing to do anything for [...]